Artmo 品牌介紹

  • 金亞金屬,經過30餘年來的豐富經驗,隨著對品質更高層的期許,2012年新品牌Artmo愛特貝羅因而誕生。

    Artmo 愛特貝羅,源自兩個法文字組合「Art藝術」和「Amour愛」,其中藝術指的不僅是對美的堅持,更是對每個環節的極致追求!歐洲藝術概念的雕花門標誌,金屬質感線條的交錯結合,象徵Artmo 愛特貝羅與客戶間的緊密互動,深刻瞭解客戶的需要,更創造無限的價值。


  • Kingart Metal Industrial Co., Ltd. has more than 30 years of fruitful experience in this field. In order to enhance the high expectation to its quality, so, the new brand Artmo was born in 2012. Artmo comes originally from the combination of the two French words "Art" and "Amour ( Love)” which “Art” not just means the insistence of beauty, it is also the ultimate pursuit of every aspect.

    The European concept of signs for art carved doors and the metal texture of lines cross together that symbolize the close interaction between Artmo and customers that we deeply understand what customers need, thus creates the
    unlimited value. Artmo’s goal is to become as customer’s exclusive designer, we concentrate each process with all our passion with the profound meaning of the artistic level that improve your aesthetic value of life.